About Dance Masters

Dance Masters of America, Inc. is an International Non-Profit Educational Organization of dance educators, who have been certified by test to teach; have had a professional dance career; or have degreed certification from an approved institution of higher education.

The Dance Masters of America had been certifying and setting the standards in dance education since 1884. Since its inception, the goals of the organization have been to improve the standards of dance benefits offered to its members and their students.

Dance Masters of California Chapter 13, Inc. is the Northern California chapter of the national organization.

Our Board of Directors

Alicia Trujillo

Workshop DIrector

Donna Ensor

1st Vice President

Holly Quesada

2nd Vice President
Solo Title Competition DIrector

Elizabeth Lemberger

Past President
Performing Arts Comp. Director

Kathy Wittmers


Mimi Costa-White


Mandy Cottengim


Leyla Boissanade


Ryan Justus

Event Coordinator

Sara Wardell

New Membership Chair