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Scholarship Auditions

All participants in Scholarship Auditions will audition in any or all of the following; Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, an/ Acrobatics . Entrants will learn a combination in their chosen subjects and perform it for the judges. Entrants may also be asked to do a progression, center skill, or improv individually

For acrobatics, students will be asked to perform a pass of no more than 3 tricks demonstrating skills such as balance, flexibility, control and power. Transitions may be used between tricks to maintain flow and dance-like quality. Tricks may include forward and backward moving skills, however, all tricks must progress the same direction along the mat. No backtracking. Depending on the mat set up, if a student feels they need to step backward to complete a pass, there will be no penalty as their safety is a priority.

Schedule and Information

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Registration Closes: October 5, 2023 
Registation is first-come, first-served, space is limited. No onsite registration

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